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Frank Debourge is a ready-to-wear brand with an emphasis on multicultural awareness and individuality.

Each design evokes a connection that delivers the power to show a “je ne sais quoi” that can only be felt when wearing something that is truly special while re-introducing a European fit mixed with a deconstructive and free-formed approach.

At Frank Debourge we are firm believers that in the end, the person makes the outfit, not the other way around, steering us to constantly create, transform and innovate.


Frank Doumou is a visionary, with a strong connection in the fashion industry, his interest in launching his own brand began after 15 years of gaining hands-on experience in design and working closely with private clientele. Frank Doumou’s brand focuses attentively on a modern approach mixed with luxury-meets-urban unisex styles, for an indispensable nonchalant, free-formed look.

Born in Brazzaville the capital of the Republic of the Congo, in central Africa, Frank traveled to over 40 different countries over the course of his youth while growing up in Paris, France and then settling in New York City, United States. Thus allowing for the developments of his designs and aesthetics to transcend diversity with a cosmopolitan feel.

After harnessing his knowledge over the years in constructing custom suits for influential personalities; Reverend Al Sharpton, Samuel L. Jackson, and Lee Daniels to name a few. Frank continued to focus more on the end product, thus ultimately leading him to launch his own brand “Frank Debourge” in 2016, where his experience as a bespoke suit designer fostered his love for achieving a broader and creative vision for his brand.

Frank Doumou continues to work from his New York City headquarters, focusing his attention on the brand, and further expanding his collection to a diverse line of clientele and beyond.